Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mid Year Resolution

If you regularly read my blog you will know that I have posted very infrequently over the last month or so. I have been quite busy, as since I've been home for the summer holidays I've worked on average five days a week in a hotel restaurant, mainly doing breakfast shifts, which means lots of early starts. Although I am usually a morning person, not having an option to wake up when I want most days has taken it out of me and I feel like I've been zapped of any energy. (I don't want to sound too moan-y because I do enjoy my job and I definitely need the money!)  My general tiredness and mood of the past few weeks has made me completely lose interest in blogging. Because all I've done in the last few weeks is work and exercise (I'm on a bit of a get-fit mission) I haven't really eaten out anywhere interesting and I haven't cooked anything blog-worthy either.
I'm currently in Norwich for a few days (this is as exciting as my summer travelling will get) for a bit of a mini-break and I've already eaten at a few really nice places that I just have not been interested in blogging about. I think this is a shame as I used to really enjoy writing posts so I have decided to make a mid year resolution to write at least one blog post a week. Hopefully writing this in a post will mean that I won't break my resolution and it will give me something to look forward to each week. Also it might make me do more than just work and go to the gym if I think I can make plans to go out somewhere I could blog about.
I'm determined to keep my promise to myself and to recapture my passion for food and enjoyment of blogging!
If you live around or are visiting Norwich then first of all, lucky you! I never realised how lovely Norwich is and there are so many places to eat! I wish I could stay for longer so I could visit more places. Second of all, I thought I would list the places I've visited so far that, although I unfortunately didn't take pictures of,  I recommend.
Number 12 Norwich - a pub-type place, that although didn't have the greatest or most stylish interior, was relaxed and served really delicious food. I had the ribs and they were SO GOOD. I don't think I spoke for the whole time when I was eating (a rarity for me) because I was so entranced by the barbecue-y goodness. Also, the service was really excellent.
Casa Pato - a Spanish restaurant with a small but incredibly delicious menu. I had the Serrano ham, tomato and olive oil bocadilla (sandwich) which was perfect for lunch time, and lucky for me I got to try some of the meat paella on one of the tapas boards which was really flavoursome and filling. Again, the service was great and they also made perfect coffee (no coffee is as good as Spanish coffee)!

Pandora's Kitchen - a lovely café. We only stopped for a drink but the cakes etc. on show in the window looked very nice. They had a wide variety of teas and yet again, the service was excellent. Everyone in Norwich seems so friendly!

As I'm staying in the city centre, everywhere I visit is close by, and its been lovely to wander through the cobbled lanes checking out the endless amount of cafés and restaurants. I've got a few posts from Norwich which I'll put up over the next week or so that I've planned since making my mid year resolution, but for now I need to get ready to go out to dinner! 

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