I'm Lauren, lover of food. 

One of my favourite things to do is to eat out. I enjoy sharing recommendations of great places to eat. I'm currently studying in Birmingham but I'm originally from Cardiff so most of my reviews of restaurants and cafes will be from one of the two cities.

I also love cooking, whether that's making one of my signature dishes that I cook all the time, trying out a new recipe that looks really tasty or experimenting with ingredients to come up with something new or putting my twist on something. I'm very much into home cooking - using fresh, good quality ingredients to make easy, tasty, and generally healthy meals. My cooking is influenced by British and Western European cuisines, my mum, who has always made lots of traditional dishes from scratch and generally healthy-ish living. I like trying to pack a lot of vegetables into my dinner and avoiding overly processed food. Like most people, I do love indulging in naughty, comfort food (maybe a bit too much than I should) but generally my diet is pretty balanced. As well as posting recipes for yummy treats, I will also post my staple recipes that I rely on day-in day-out.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and recipes!