Friday, 7 November 2014

Current Obsession: Nakd snack bars

Always on the hunt for healthy snacks, I was delighted when I tried these on the recommendation from my friend Elise. I'm a firm believer in balanced diets - eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and other good stuff, not eating too much processed food but allowing yourself treats. I think the 80/20 rule is good and pretty easy to stick to. Life's too short to deny yourself chocolate every now and again!

I've been trying to make my lifestyle a bit healthier recently, working out a lot and trying to make the most of my work in the gym by not eating too much unhealthy food. I've been trying to reduce the treat part of my diet to about 5%  which is quite tricky if you're a chocolate addict with a constant sugar craving.

Cue Nakd bars!

I was sceptical as to how good these would be, but I honestly think they are so tasty and they really satisfy my chocolate cravings. Also, they are doubly good as they give you a wonderful feeling of smugness, knowing your eating one of your five a day but enjoying the delicious cocoa flavour at the same time.

My favourite are the Cocoa Delight, made up of dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and natural chocolate flavouring. They look a bit weird, and the texture is nothing like chocolate but they are very dense and pretty filling.

I also really like the new flavour called Cocoa Crunch, which is similar to the Cocoa Delight but with some crunchy bits in it too.

I knew Elise loved the cocoa orange ones and even though I'm not a huge fan of the chocolate/orange combination, I have to agree they are pretty tasty too. I haven't tried any of the non-chocolate flavours as they don't really appeal to me, I like the chocolatey ones as a substitute to satisfy my cravings. My friend Elise did not like the cocoa crunch ones though, claiming they tasted like dog food (which I don't agree with but each to their own!).

Now, there is one major downside to these (for students at least) - they are pretty pricey. To buy individually from a convenience shop or the food section of Boots etc they cost around 85p which is probably about 20p more than your average bar of chocolate. From supermarkets the multipack boxes have four bars in and I think they are usually over £2 (I bought a couple of boxes when they were on offer in Sainsbury's for 2 boxes for £4) which is certainly not cheap. I don't have a huge amount of cash to spend, but for me, these are worth it. If I spend my money on these I can't really afford to buy other, unhealthy, snacks and if I know I have one of these at home I don't buy chocolate to satisfy any cravings I have. Plus, although chocolate is always advertised as being quite cheap, for example chocolate is always on offer for £1, its not really that good value for money. You can end up spending quite a lot on chocolate if you take advantage of £1 offers. So really if you think about it, buying these saves money (ok even if they don't it makes me feel better about parting with my money!).

I really love these. Perfect chocolate substitute, actually healthy AND they save you money! What's not to love??

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