Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gourmet Burger Kitchen - The Mailbox, Birmingham

Although on the whole I do prefer independent restaurants, I do enjoy going to a chain every now and again, especially if they focus on burgers. Generally burger chains tend to be pretty darn good. I haven't been to GBK a huge amount in the past but after going last week for a catch up with a friend I was reminded how good it is.

As you will know if you read this post I'm obsessed with avocados, and bacon and avocado is one of my favourite combinations. Naturally I went for the avocado and bacon beef burger.

It was a pretty big burger, but not so giant that eating it is a massive challenge. It came with the usual salad in burgers, as well as a burger relish that I think was a bit mustard-y. I'm not a huge fan of mustard but it wasn't too strong and just complimented the burger wonderfully. I had mine cooked medium-rare. I love it when places give you the option of how you'd like your burger cooked as I think the main way burgers are ruined is when they are well done.

My friend went for the cheeseburger (which she enjoyed) and we shared a side of sweet potato fries, which came with baconnaise. The fries were a good balance of crispy and super soft and I will definitely be having baconnaise again. We also got a free portion of garlic mayo that I got from downloading the GBK app.

Having satisfied our savoury cravings we decided to get a couple of milkshakes to round off the meal. This was one of the best decisions ever.

I got the honeycomb milkshake and it was massive. I couldn't quite finish it because it was pretty rich, but in no way sickly as a lot of milkshakes are. It had a lovely, caramel-y flavour with pieces of honeycomb in it and wasn't overly thick or sweet. The only word to describe it is perfect.

I wouldn't say the burgers at GBK are amazing or outstanding, but they're pretty good and the menu is pretty vast so you're bound to find something you like. I will definitely go there again (especially as they do student discount), if not because of their burgers but because of their milkshakes.

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