Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Selly Sausage - Selly Oak, Birmingham

Going out for breakfast or brunch is a real treat. On Sunday I accompanied three hungover friends to Selly Sausage for breakfast. It was my first visit and I had heard a lot of great things so was rather excited. Selly Sausage was opened in 1991 by a University of Birmingham graduate and is a great place for students on a budget. Most of the menu (which you can view here) is under £5 and the portions are pretty large, especially when considering their low cost.

I started off with a smoothie. From a list of fruits, you can select three which the staff will then blend. I chose strawberry, mango and blueberry and it was one of the best smoothies I had ever had. It was a good consistency, not too thick but runny enough to drink and it was cold and refreshing.

For food, I went for their American style pancakes with maple syrup and extra bacon. This was a combination I had been craving for a while and I was hoping it wouldn't be a disappointment. Our food arrived pretty quickly, even though the place was packed. The pancakes looked very impressive and I couldn't wait to dig in.

The first few bites were great, the perfect balance between the sweet maple syrup and salty bacon (which was delicious and crispy) but after a while I found it difficult to carry on because the pancakes were pretty stodgy and not cooked enough for my liking. However, for a mere £3.50 I didn't feel bad about leaving the second pancake as I was pretty full (and my hungover friends gobbled up what was left so none went to waste).

I will certainly return to Selly Sausage - the cooked breakfasts my friends had looked great and are so much cheaper than more up-market brunch spots - but I think I'll give the pancakes a miss next time!

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