Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Green Man - Harbourne, Birmingham

It was my friend's birthday yesterday so to celebrate we went to The Green Man in Harbourne for dinner. It is part of the Ember Inns group and is a lovely, traditional British pub.

After debating whether to try something different to my usual pub option, I decided that what I usually order was just what I fancied. We didn't have to wait long until our food arrived after ordering. I had the cheese and bacon burger with a side of onion rings.

 Overall it was a good burger. The meat was tasty and flavoursome. The patty was just the right size, not too thick but not too thin, however, it was a bit too well done for my liking, so it wasn't very juicy. The bacon was nice and crispy but I wished there could have been a bit more cheese. The bun was really good, firm so the burger held together, but soft enough to eat easily and the salad in the burger was just the right amount (although there were a couple of slices of gherkins which I had to remove immediately as they are the food of the devil). I really enjoyed it but one thing that really disappoints me is if food isn't piping hot when it is brought out, so it tends to get cold really quickly and unfortunately the burger got cold quite fast.

The chips were great; thick-cut and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The onion rings were also very tasty and had a good onion/batter ratio.

Although I was pretty full, when we were offered dessert for just £2 it was impossible to say no. I had eton mess, which wasn't the best I'd ever had. There was copious amounts of cream compared to meringue and berries and it didn't look good enough to deserve a picture.

Overall it was a great night and The Green Man was a lovely place for a relaxed birthday meal. The staff were very helpful and enthusiastic and I spent just under £15 on a main course, a side, a desert and a bottle of expensive cider, which I think is excellent value for money.

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