Saturday, 1 March 2014

Digbeth Dining Club - Digbeth, Birmingham

I'd heard great things about Digbeth Dining Club and knew I had to check it out.
Last night I went with three friends and had a really good time and had some really good food!
We arrived at about quarter to six and it was pretty quiet but people were arriving in dribs and drabs and before we knew it the place
was heaving. It was held in Spotlight, which is quite a quirky venue in Digbeth. The interior is really cool, with a few sofas, a bar and lots of interesting pictures and
 images on the walls.

After looking around the different food stalls the Original Patty Men were the top choice of food but they weren't serving until half 6 so we had a drink while we waited. Close to when they were about to start serving their burgers, a queue started to form so we joined the back and while we waited a couple of my friends decided to get some pork spring rolls from Manila Munchies (which sells Philippine food) which were very tasty (I was allowed a little taste).

The pastry was really crispy and there was plenty of filling which was really good and flavoursome. I regret not getting some myself!
The Original Patty Men seemed very popular and all night there was a long queue at their stall.

All four of us decided to have the Origin 'Ale' (some of my friends didn't understand the pun) which was a beef patty topped with smoky bacon, ale and caramelised onion marmalade, American cheese, red onion, lettuce, gherkins (which I removed, because as I have previously noted, they are the food of the devil) and mayo served in a brioche bun.

Original Patty Men describe their burgers as filthy, which they proved. The beef patty was pink and very juicy, and the burger oozed with the onion marmalade and mayo. It was absolutely incredible! I prefer all red meat served pink so I welcomed having a medium burger rather than the usual well-done patties served at most restaurants. It was so full of flavour and although I usually much prefer eating with cutlery and generally don't eat messy food with my hands, I did not care one bit that my hands were dripping with mayo, onion marmalade and juice from the meat when I was finished. Its safe to say I really enjoyed it!

We all fancied something sweet after our burgers. My friends all decided to get a gourmet toasty from Jabberwocky; two choosing the Banoffee toasty and my other friend going for the Rocky Road.

Banoffee Toasty

Rocky Road Toasty
They looked and smelt great and my friends really enjoyed them but seeing as pancake day is right around the corner I decided to get a pancake with banana and white chocolate from Platinum Pancakes.

We had a really good night. It was fun to do something a bit different and there was a wide variety of people there who all seemed to be enjoying themselves and the food! There was such a great atmosphere and I can't wait to go again!

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