Monday, 26 May 2014

Coffee#1 - Whitchurch, Cardiff

I've gone home for a few days to relax after the end of my exams and decided to catch up with some friends over a coffee. Luckily there's a few really nice local places that we can meet at and yesterday we decided to go to Coffee#1.

Coffee#1 first opened on Wood Street in Cardiff in 2001 and has since grown to have 40 stores across South Wales and the South West of England. They place great emphasis on the quality of their coffee and have a huge selection of other drinks and food. For me, the quality of food and drink on offer is the most important thing when I'm deciding where to go for a coffee. I'm not opposed to big chains (I'm a bit of a Costa addict) and I do enjoy visiting independent caf├ęs or coffee shops that are individual to a particular area, but as long as they all provide great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere, I'm happy. Its great to see a brand grow from my home town and enjoy so much success and I can see why it has caught the attention of so many coffee drinkers.

They opened a branch in my area of Cardiff in 2012 not long before I left to go to university. I haven't visited it very much but when I was there yesterday I really appreciated just how nice it is and I know I will return a lot over the summer. Its full of character with plenty of comfortable sofas and armchairs, its lovely and bright and is filled with lots of interesting bits and bobs. A lot of thought is clearly put into the design of the stores and it helps to create a really relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The perfect place for a catch up with friends.

Every time I've been in the past I've really enjoyed the coffee and yesterday was no exception. I had a flat white (what I usually go for) and it was delicious. Perfect balance between coffee and milk, not too hot and really silky and smooth. Just a great cup of coffee!

My friends had a caramel latte and a strawberries and cream drink (I can't remember exactly what it was called), which they both enjoyed but one of them said the strawberries and cream drink was a little sickly and she was glad she only got the small.

If you're looking for a new coffee place to hang out in or to get a take away from then I highly recommend Coffee#1. Amazing coffee, friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere makes for the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends.

Its not usually as quiet as the pictures show, we were there until it closed on a Sunday afternoon and I took the photos pretty close to closing time.

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